Privacy policy

This policy is effective October 22, 2018 and applicable towards iSee app, operated by SIA Personals Plus, reg.No. 40003632075.

iSee doesn’t log, collect or share personal data or any confidential information.

Why we don’t collect any ‘personal data’
There is no technical requirement of app to operate with any kind of personal data. If information isn’t collected, it can’t be stolen, demanded or leaked.

How do we define ‘personal data’?
Our definition of personal data is based on the privacy laws and regulations of the EU, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These are widely regarded as the strongest privacy protections in the world.

Support Privacy Policy

Contact for help or asssistance

When you contact us via email, contact form or phone, we’ll use your contact information and your message to respond to you. Please consider help and assistance process as Support Privacy Policy. Below you will find Support Privacy Policy applicable. Read before submitting your feedback or request via e-mail.

Legal basis
The legal basis for processing your information is your consent, and our legitimate interest to respond to your message.

Your rights with respect to your data
You may ask us at any time to access, correct or erase your data. You may also request us to keep your information but block it from further processing. You can submit any such request by using our contact details below.
If you inform us that you withdraw your consent to process your information, we will delete your information.

Recipients and international transfer
Your messages in the English language may be handled by our external support members.We have implemented appropriate safeguards with respect to data transfer, such as a data processing agreement including the relevant Standard Contractual Clauses, as prescribed under EU law.

Measures against abuse of support
If your message is abusive in language or content, we may block further messages from you.

Retention period
We retain any communications up to a maximum of two years.

Security of personal information

iSee shares your Personal data only in specific circumstances.There are a few, rare circumstances when we may have to share your Personal data either to obey the law or protect our rights. We’ll share your Personal data only to comply with laws or legally enforceable requests, to enforce our own rights and contracts with users or third parties, or to prevent harm to others and their property in an emergency situation.
In all instances, we’ll share the minimum info necessary to meet the immediate need and inform you of our disclosure when legally and practically possible.

Removal of Personal data
iSee removes your Personal data from our records within 30 days of any request to do so.

Changes to this policy
We may make small, inconsequential changes to this policy with or without notice to you, so you’re encouraged to review the policy from time to time. Substantive changes to this policy will be emailed to users who submit a request to
We are always here to help. If you have any feedback or complaint about our services in general, or more specifically about how your privacy is protected when you use our services, please let us know via the contact details below.

You can contact us at or contact form, if you have any questions about this policy.